Welcome to the first "Hacks on the Harbour"!

Hacks on the Harbour is a maker & hacker festival - right next to Sønderborg harbour. We pair a great view with a diverse schedule. Expect several workshops, inspiring talks and a lot of space to connect with new people!

We start in 2022 with a one-day festival on June 25 (Saturday), from 12:00 p.m. (noon) till 10:00 p.m. It will be organized by the German non-profit organization "Chaostreff Flensburg e.V." (opens new window) in cooperation with the generous support of the Biblioteket Sønderborg (opens new window).
Please help us with planning room sizes, chairs, and of course the amount of pizza we have to order, by registering for a free ticket today!

The whole conference will be held in English.

We will organize carpooling and provide a shuttle service from Flensburg, more information here.

You can get your free ticket here. (opens new window)

This event is a follow-up to our popular event "Hacks on the Beach" (opens new window) in Flensburg. It will be similar to our "Rüspeler Tüfteltage" (opens new window), an event we co-organize at the "Kliemannsland" in Lower Saxony.


Time Program
11:00 Shuttle Service from Flensburg
12:00 Opening - All Workshop Areas are Open
12:15 Introduction 3D Printing
13:45 Introduction Hack your t-shirt
15:15 Introduction Soldering
16:45 Introduction Software Development
18:00 Pizza Party
19:30 Start of Talks TBA
22:00 Official End

Do you want to add a talk ranging from 5 to 45 minutes? Reach out via email to hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de!


Is there an age limit?

There is no "age limit", but some rules do apply: If you are at least 18 years old, or accompanied by an adult, there is no limitation.
If you are between 12 and 18 years old, we recommend you stay for the workshops and leave the event after the pizza party. If you are from Flensburg, we will provide accompanied travel if you hold a "Neue Tüftler" ticket.

Where is the event located?
Biblioteket Sønderborg (Nørre Havnegade 15, 6400 Sønderborg, Dänemark)

Link Google Maps (opens new window)

Can I just come for meeting people and/or work on my own project?
Absolutely yes! Our events live in the spirit of DIY, hacking and working on projects you have limited time for at home. Another important part of our events is meeting people and creating new friendships. The workshops and talks are a nice optional bonus for some visitors. Coming from our past events, a lot of the experience is making time to work on your own project or finding others and work together. We will have workspaces for that. If you want to bring more than your laptop and 5V electronics, please ask us before. Send us an email to hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de!

Why is it just on a Saturday?
Normally our events take place on a full weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Because it is our first event at a new location and there is still a pandemic situation, we are planning a small event. If everything works out, look forward to a full weekend in 2023.

How much for a ticket?
The tickets are free, but you can contribute to the event and pay an amount of your choosing. The money is managed by the German non-profit Chaostreff Flensburg e.V. and is only made possible because of the generous accommodation by the Biblioteket Sønderborg!


It is around 45 min from Flensburg to Sønderborg. Starting from Hamburg, you should plan at least 2h and 45 minutes for the trip. It will take you 30 minutes from Apenrade and around 60 minutes from Kolding. Use the navigation system of your choice.

Shuttle from Flensburg
We will organize a shuttle from Flensburg. We are still working on the details. You will need to get a ticket for the shuttle.

It is a 12 minute walk from Sønderborg Station to the Biblioteket Sønderborg, however it will take around 2h and 45 minutes from Flensburg by train. Because of that, it is not really recommended by us. From Kolding, it takes around 1h and 19 minutes.

You can take Line 110 (operated by Sydtrafik) from Flensburg ZOB to the station Arnkilgade v sygehuset and walk 15 minutes. The journey is around 1h and 20 minutes and the price will be around 6€. You can find more information regarding tickets and the schedule on their website (opens new window). For Denmark, there is a Flixbus connection.

Bike and Ship
There is no public ferry service directly in Sønderborg. If you have your own boat, you can use the harbours in the area. It is a 40 km bike journey from Flensburg.

Do you need volunteers?
If you want to help with the workshops or build up and tear down, please reach out to us via email: hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de. Only volunteers make the event possible.

What can I do for the rest of the weekend?
Why not make it a full week(-end) vacation? Sønderborg is a city with many interesting parts, and there are several vacation homes available for rent in Denmark and the general area of the event.

Can I support the Chaostreff Flensburg regularly?
Yes, you can become a Fördermitglied. More information can be found on our website (German). (opens new window)

Contact Details?